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Designing brand identities that resonate, inspire and drive success.

In today’s crowded marketplace with limited attention span, your brand identity is more crucial than ever. And it is not just about looking good – it is about leaving an impression, telling your story and building a connection.

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is the visual and the emotional embodiment of your brand. It is the face of your company – it communicates who you are and what you do. A strong brand identity is immediately recognizable, clever and aesthetic. It is unique, gets to the heart of your idea and sets you apart from your competitors. Logo, colors and typography are the visual part of your brand identity that help you stand out from the crowd, communicate and build connections.

A well designed brand identity underlines your professionalism – professionalism creates trust. Trust builds a meaningful connection to your customers and finally drives your business.

Let’s create something extraordinary!

Discovery and strategy I start by understanding your business, your goals and your target audience from the ground up. Through research, questions and workshops, I get to the heart of your brand and set a strategic direction.

Creative exploration In this step, the strategy meets the future market. Based on the previous research, I develop an innovative concept that communicates your strengths and special features in the best possible way and gives your brand visibility.

Design development My design process is driven by creativity and innovation. It’s all about aesthetics, quality, uniqueness and recognizability. I take great care in designing the logo, color scheme and typography to give your identity a strong and unique face. Does the logo create an “aha” moment or make the viewer smile? Is it memorable? Is it inspiring?

Consistency and implementation A style guide clearly defines the use of the brand identity and enables everyone to make the design shine. A styleguide solves fears of contact and creates clarity for all desired platforms and user options. Because recognizability and quality are closely linked to consistency and the fulfillment of user expectations.

Design Consulting Anyone who relies too much on trends when developing their brand will soon no longer be fashionable. I would be happy to advise you on your existing design and help you to make it shine again.