In the night of the 5th to the 6th of January Befana, the Christmas Witch, flies over the houses of Italy to visit all the children. She enters through the chimney, or the keyhole, and fills the socks the children have left hanging near the fireplace. The good kids will find their stockings filled with sweets and presents, the bad ones with coal and garlic. The legend says that as the Three Wise Men stopped on their journey to ask for directions, the Witch offered them food and shelter for the night. Grateful for her hospitality, they invited her to join them on their journey. She declined the invitation but, shortly after she was filled with regret. So she packed all the sweets and gifts she could find, and followed them. And even though she has not yet found the baby Jesus she still visits all the children, believing that goodness and innocence can be found in (almost) every child.


Hi, I am Peter Machat. I studied fine art and design at the Escuela National de artes plasticas in Guatemala, the Nagoya Zokei University in Japan and the Bauhaus University in Germany. I have worked in the fields of branding, graphic design, product design, illustration, animation and writing. Always thinking about some new plot lines and concepts, I am passionate about ideas and visions. Born in Munich, raised in Cologne, I now live and work in Berlin.

Teaching & Keynotes Speaker at The Kids Want Mobile conference in 2016, Lecture and Workshop at the Tokyo Kogei University, Teachings at the Design Akademie Berlin, Lecture at the Ministry of Economics, Climate Protection, Energy & National Planning in Mainz. Exhibitions Artdirectors Club Germany, Pictoplasma, Galeria Clotilde Barcelona, Kunsthalle Weimar, DMY Berlin, Gaswerk Weimar, Yada-Gallery Nagoya Japan, Empoli Gallery Italy, Museum fur angewandte Kunst in Köln & more.Publications Novum Germany, Form Germany, Page Germany,,, Unicato MDR Television, IdN Hong Kong, slanted Germany, Freistil, Global Innovation Report – GDR London, Gloss Brazil, ComputerArtsProjects Britain, 36 Russia, Urban Denmark, Flair Belgium, Pictoplasma Germany, gob magazine Brazil, designmadeingermany, LIV’Holland,,,,,,,,, & more.

Clients Amnesty International, Oxfam, Ravensburger, Cornelsen, Gruner und Jahr, NFP marketing & distribution, teamworx, terre des hommes, Compact Verlag, wonderkind, Mercedes Benz, AMG & many more.