Kallikantzaros are goblins from South East Europe that dwell underground, sawing the trunk of the world tree. From December 25th to January 6th, they come to the surface to enter our houses through windows, chimneys, keyholes and any cracks that they can find. Once inside, they create chaos and devastation. They are not considered purely evil, but rather impish and silly. To protect, yourself you can keep the fire burning throughout the 12 days of Christmas, throw a specific sweet or some sausages onto your roof, or leave a colander in front of your door. Since 3 is a Holy number, they can only count to two. They will keep counting the holes in the colander over and over again until sunrise forces them to leave. On January 6th, the returning sun drives them back into the underworld. In their absence, the world tree heals itself and the Kallikantzaros will start sawing all over again.