Rattle the snake!

Fully animated music App for children at the age of four and above.

I wanted to create an obviously fictitious and playfull landscape, that would still implicate the viewer into the depth of the jungle. Reduced shapes with maximum clarity but the rich surface feel of vegetation, fur and feathers.

I started with rough pencil sketches to define the composition. Thereafter I began to build square shaped trees and different types of leaves from colored paper and carton, photographed them and composed the background. I went to the parks of Berlin to take pictures of tree bark, leaves, moss and other structures and turned them into textures and Photoshop brushes. Moreover I scanned textiles and multiple materials to use them as textures and stamps. For the animal characters I went back to paper and pencil to find the most basic proportions and to define their individual personalities, making sure they would trigger the right emotions. The drawings where scanned to Adobe Illustrator and transformed into vector shapes. To create moveable figures for the animation, I imported the vector animals in »exploded view« to Photoshop, textured them and finally reassembled them again. Not being satisfied with the result, I started to create Photoshop brushes for different furs and felt structures. Intrigued with the outcome I transfered the idea to grass and moss to finish the scene. Finally I started animating the scene.

wonderkind & counterpulse audio


Collage from paper, textiles, leaves, scans & photographs combined with vector files and digital painting

Peter Machat