Behind the Sun

One day NASA wanted to explore behind the sun, maybe it was curiosity or maybe just fun. So they built up a huge and powerful rocket, and put lots of tube meals in the astronaut’s pockets. The launch was a success and it went up with a blast, and compared to human movement it went really fast.

After nationwide news and a pretty tough ride, the spaceship settled on a warm starlit night. The astronaut immediately started his studies, but couldn’t find things for NASA nor for his buddies. He started wondering what it all was about, was it only supposed to make his mother proud?

He kept his position and went on pretty brave, he nearly went mad but of course knew how to behave. And half a year later he didn‘t know why, the whole planet earth just passed him by. He stared at the blue rotating ball and really he couldn’t grasp it at all.

But it vanished as quickly as it came and no one was there for him to blame. So if you really want to see what lays behind the sun, just lay back half a year and try to have fun.

The Raisin Man

A diver as brave as could be, once went deep down into the fathomless sea. He felt like a merman and quite at home, below all the waves and frothy foam. He swam to the reef and admired the corals, wondering about mankind and corrupted morals. He got into a fish shoal and was sucked right in and felt like being trapped in a washing machine. And after a while he really felt like a fish, fulfilled, happy and without any wish. And just when it couldn’t get any better his attention was caught by an unpleasant matter. His foot suddenly seemed to be stuck in the reef – he couldn’t escape to put it quite brief. Squirming and curling all did no good, so he went calm and yes understood.

Down with the fishes that‘s where he would stay, far away from the surf, the beach and the bay. In contemplation of death he wasn’t frightened but rather unintentionally became enlightened. The word of mouth rapidly spread of the wise man living down on the seabed. Quite fast he became a tourist attraction just like the wreck but with twice the affection. People came to bring him fresh air and some food and to be honest he lived there quite good. By and by he turned wizen and small in his black suit with the wrinkles and all. He was tiny and sweet and one day a fan started to call him the raisin man.

Pearl Girl

As far as I remember, I found her on a day in December. It was at the sea on the shore, when I fell and touched the cold floor. For quite some time I lay in the sand and suddenly felt something warm in my hand. I found a white and beautiful shell, with light inside and a nice pleasant smell. I opened it gently and took a peep, and there she was, cuddled up and asleep. Handsome and fragile in the size of a pearl, proportioned and built like a fully grown girl.

Gently I wrapped her up in my hood and took her home as fast as I could. I lit up a fire and brewed some tea, she woke up and started staring at me. I smiled at her and told her my name, she smiled back and did the same. I apologized that I took her away, she beamed with joy and decided to stay. From that moment on she started to grow and became my size before the next snow. We never lacked of joy or laughter and yes, we lived happily ever after.