Fall asleep App for kids

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Parents repeatedly have difficulties getting their children to bed. The children resist and take ages to fall asleep.


After years of reading to my children and putting them to bed, I realised that many bedtime stories are exciting and stimulate the children. They suggest that it’s time to play and run around. I wrote my own calming texts that create dream-like images in the children’s minds. The test was a complete success. I asked my children to close their eyes, dimmed the light and read. They fell asleep after the third or fourth story. As I couldn’t read for them once, I made a recording of my reading and played it while they fell asleep. This also worked. So the idea of creating an app was born. I wrote 12 short dream stories, each beginning with ‘And you dream’ and ending with the children falling asleep in the story. In this way, all the dream stories can be recombined again and again and act like a nesting of dream within dream within dream. The app has now been tested by many children around the world and … it works!


self-initiated project


Peter Machat with wonderkind