Make patients feel welcome

Concept      Illustration      Animation


The psychologists of the Free University of Berlin asked me to create a mural that makes the new office rooms, which consisted of long narrow corridors and white walls, more welcoming and livable.


I designed a mural that shows different emotional states of growing up. It helps patients feel welcome and serves as a conversation starter for psychologists. To intrigue teenagers, I placed 2 QR codes that unlock augmented reality animations and make the wall come alive.

Patients and psychologists use the wall during their sessions to discuss topics such as dreaming, painting, exploring the world, eating habits, body awareness, enjoying life, spending time alone, meditating, friendship, dancing, and sports. In 2024, the illustrations will serve as the foundation for a guidance system and corporate design.


Psychologists of the Freie Universiät Berlin


Concept, Design & Illustration: Peter Machat